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Find out the most retweeted people on Retweet Rank. Obviously they tweet good stuff! Retweet Rank attempts to assess the popularity of your tweets among your followers. It looks at how often your tweets are retweeted. You know a fairy dies every time you don't retweet Mashable? Just saying: RetweetRank.com ;)
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Retweet Rank gives an indication as regards how popular a Twitterer is. Retweet Rank is different from the others in that it attempts to rank users by how often they’re retweeted. Retweets are the valuable data. Developers have built sites (Retweetrank.com) to track this information.
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How interesting & useful are you to the Twittersphere? Retweet Rank may provide some indication Cool service: how to find a person's retweet rank I find that the people I'm following are more authoritative with Retweet Rank

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